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If you love cuddling your newborn, then you’ll love the Lalabu Soothe Shirt! This babywearing shirt is a nursing tank, a comfortable nursing bra, and a cozy carrying pouch for your baby -- all in one. Unlike a wrap or a sling that you have to learn how to tie, the Soothe Shirt is simple and intuitive: just put it on and slip your baby in the pouch.

And now, dads can enjoy simple babywearing too, with the brand-new Lalabu Dad Shirt, which launched this month. The Dad Shirt is the first babywearing shirt designed exclusively for dads, and the built-in pouch makes it easy for dads to bond with newborns right from the start. The shirt is a stylish v-neck tee, with a slim fit and short sleeves. Both Lalabu Shirts include a breathable mesh panel that makes it easy for you to feel your baby and an adjustable head support.

Created by husband-wife team Keri and Brian Fosse, the Lalabu Shirt was inspired by a trip to Africa, and Lalabu is named after the woman who taught the founders how to wrap babies. The company operates on a give-back model, donating two percent of all revenue to women entrepreneurs in Africa through a micro-finance program.

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