Best Baby Registry Ev-ah!


I absolutely LOVE BabyList.

It's a baby registry that allows you to register for exactly what you want from anywhere online. All you have to do is install the browser button and as you come across something you like the look of, just click and it's added to your list.

Is this not brilliant like David Beckham's bum? I know, right!

You can register for the usual like car seats and Jolly Jumpers but then you can also register for other awesome stuff like, I don't know, house cleaning, a food delivery service or that handmade soap that you order from hippies in Peru. The possibilities are endless.

So the gal who started it, Natalie, asked me if I would be willing to put my own baby registry together and I said, "Hell to the ya!" and I've been adding to it over the past few months like a brain damaged squirrel preparing for winter and I'm finally ready to reveal it.

I tried to pick things that most people in both Canada and the U.S.A would have access to because we all know that you lucky ducks in the U.S. can order anything and it is shipped to your door for free and with a cookie. (Buggers.) I didn't get into anything in the rest of the world because you guys are all too cool for me and I still get thrown by the term "nappy" so you just know that would have been a disaster. As Colonel Sanders said, "Do what you know and do it well." (For the record, I have no idea if he said that but it sounds like something he would say so I'm running with it.)

Everything in my registry (for my fake baby, Flick of course) are things I thought I would need if I was starting from scratch again but with the knowledge I have now. Clearly the knowledge I have now dictates buying monkey hats and screwing the change table – priorities, people.

I didn't register for a stroller because depending on where you live and how you want to use it really changes the kind you buy (if you even need one at all) so I left it off.

So check it out:

Pregnant Chicken's Kick Ass Registry

Feel free to comment below on things I should add or things that you've loved. I'll keep adding to it when I find cool things so check in every so often.

Do you think I'm a little too excited about a baby that I'm not having? No. I think it's all good too. (squirrel, nut, nut, squirrel.)