Round Up – Issue 7 May 2013

There are some really cool things I came across this month (okay, last month too because I totally missed the boat in April -- toot toooooot) so I'm excited to do this Round Up.

Let's get started!


I finally figured out a way to archive all the Ask the Chicks questions.

I kept getting emails asking where to find questions that had been asked a few weeks ago, but here was no way of finding them without scrolling down the entire Facebook page which is both time consuming and tedious. So I've added a section that has all the questions with a direct link to the answers. You can search it by tags, categories, or with a search feature, but let me know if you have any other suggestions to make it easier. 

As always, thank you for being so amazing on this board. I can't tell you how many emails I get saying how wonderful the page is because it's such an amazing group of kind, supportive and helpful people that aren't assholes (I'm paraphrasing a bit there). So thanks.


Love this shot Ilana from mommyshorts did. The one on the left is her mother with Ilana and her sister and the one on the right is the recreation Ilana did with her two daughters. I love it.

If you aren't familiar with Mommy Shorts you should check it out. It's a great site with so really funny stuff on there including her "baby mugging" which was so successful that it has its own Faceboook page.


Next up is this amazing post from Banned from Baby Showers that brilliantly compares a hospital birth to eating at the Olive Garden. 

It's a smart, quick read that does a really good job of pointing out some of the challenges around hospital births without getting mean spirited or negative.


This site called is really clever. If you live in Canada or the U.S. you can sign up for this free service that keeps important people in the loop with all your labour updates. Call one number and record a personalized voice message or send a text message to one number and PreggoPager will deliver that message instantly to your closest family and friends to share the news.

Smart, eh? Certainly beats calling each and every family member because you just know you're going to forget someone, or worse, get stuck on the phone with labour stories from a distant aunt. Screw that noise.

airocide unit.jpg

Remember how I was sent that Airocide Air Purifier to try? Well, I've been using it for a few months and guess what? I haven't had to take one allergy pill and no one here has been sick. High fives all round. 

Now sick-free may just be because it's Spring and the worst of the colds, flus and general snots tend to be Fall and Winter, so it is possible that was just coincidence. However, my seasonal allergies are the real deal and I get them something awful just before the trees bloom (I'm told it's ground spores I'm allergic to – sexy, non?). Historically they would always be at their worst when I woke up, then slowly improved during the day. With this Airocide bad boy cranking in my room, not once did I wake up with the stuffy, watery and general shittyness of my usual allergies. Not once. And that just blows my mind because I get them every year without fail regardless of how good or bad the allergy season is.

I'll let you know how we do in the fall when everybody comes back from summer holidays with a hot, fresh batch of puke germs clinging to them, but I have a feeling it will be up to the challenge.

I'm not saying you have to drop the cash and get an air purifier, but if you're in the market for one, I would seriously check this one out. It's pretty damn impressive.

You can check them out on the Airocide site if you want to find out more.

Best ultrasound picture ever. Look, they're expecting a baby...... and a cat. – Charlotte Rosenhoff, Svelvik Norway – Charlotte Rosenhoff, Svelvik Norway

When I saw this photo I nearly shat my pants – in a good way of course. What a positively beautiful, smart, brilliant way to capture all the details of a child's birth.

 Patrice Laroche – Beauport, Quebec

Patrice Laroche – Beauport, Quebec

Speaking of clever photoshoots, I love this series from Patrice Laroche. I'm also trying very hard not to be bitter about how incredible his wife looks pre-birth, pregnant and post-birth. You go sit at the Gisele Bundchen table, Lady. I'll be over here eating cheese.

 Emily Garrison Photography - Tallahassee, Florida

Emily Garrison Photography - Tallahassee, Florida

I found this picture on Pinterest and it made me all teary. Here's this beautiful baby girl that has four older brothers that are all going to look out for her. Sniff. I've already created a scene in the future where these handsome, corn-fed boys answer the door to a date coming to pick her up. They bring him in real close and tell him that if he makes their sister cry he'll have them to answer to. I haven't decided if they have southern accents in my scenario or not – they may be from Nebraska. Can't decide. 

In reality they'll probably shave her doll's heads and hold her down while hovering a string of spit over her face, but I like to think it will be a bit of both.

If you know the source of this photo (or these beautiful kids) please let me know so I can credit the shot. 

Update: This shot was done by Thanks for emailing me, Amanda! This beautiful family is from Florida but they will always remain little Nebraskans in my heart ; )


Oh, and if you think a cat is awesome, how about this little old man hovering in this ultrasound courtesy of Leyla? Magic.