Where do you get maternity and baby stuff?

When was pregnant the first time, not only was I overwhelmed at the thought of giving birth, but I didn't know where to get anything. I mean, it wasn't like I had any reference beforehand – if I saw a baby in a stroller holding some toy I just figured it kinda came like that. Sadly, kids need some stuff and not everybody knows where to get it so I thought I would put my baby expertise to good use here and create a bit of a list. It's by no means a full listing but it's where I direct my friends when they are overwhelm and need to know where to go.

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I find you there are two ways to go with maternity clothes. Either you're in them for such a short period of time so go cheap and cheerful, or you are wearing the same clothes over and over again so get stuff that fits well and lasts. I feel like a hybrid of both is the way to go, unless you're Beyoncé and can afford $87 tank tops. You do you, Boo.

  • Old Navy: I really like their tanks, tees and other staples. They fit well and get ratty quickly so you don't want to lay out the big buck. They have really good sales too.
  • GAP: Same as Old Navy but I little bit better made so sometimes their pants fit better (that may be just me).
  • Destination Maternity: They have a nice selection of clothing that spans all budgets.
  • Pea In The Pod: A little pricier, but this is a great place to find some beautiful clothes and high end jeans.
  • Motherhood: They have some nice basics and a popular Plus Size section.
  • H&M: If you have a party or want something trendy, these guys do it well and are budget friendly.
  • ASOS: They have really gorgeous dresses (and swimwear.)
  • JCrew: If you are tiny and have lots of cash to spend, they have gorgeous clothes.
  • Ann Taylor Loft: They have really nice, classic styles and they have a great petite section.
  • ThreadUP and Bellies to Babies: Check these guys out for consignment clothes. You can scoop up some really good deals on barely worn items.
  • StitchFix: They hand pick items for you and you buy and keep what you like. It's a great idea if you're at a loss for how to dress the bump or don't have time to find stuff that doesn't make you look like a circus tent.
  • Craigslist and Thrift Stores: It's not always a sure shot, but you can score big time if you keep your eyes peeled. Some lady that's your size, with your taste, may have unloaded all her maternity duds that day and you can scoop them up for a fraction of the price.


Some pregnant women can get away with just using regular granny panties in a bigger size. Same with a swimsuit—some ladies just rock their pre-pregnancy bikini and look glorious. But if you want some undies or a swimsuit that’s designed to support your belly, these are some places to check out.

  • Nordstrom: Great place to shop for stylish, high-quality swimsuits. And they carry some lacy maternity undies if you’re feeling foxy.
  • Cake: This is my go-to site for maternity lingerie, undies, and bras. Their stuff is so pretty and very functional, too.
  • Hot Milk: Sassy and sexy. Just like you, Lady!
  • Destination Maternity: A great place to check out for amazing selection. The prices are decent, too.

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OK, you know you’re gonna need some stuff. Even if you’re going totally minimalist you’re probably still going to want some diapers and a couple pacifiers. These stores are your best bet.

  • Amazon: If you see a deal anywhere, check it against Amazon to confirm it. They may not have the best price every time but they consistently have really good ones.
  • Target: They typically have pretty good prices and carry some great brands like babyganics and aden+anais, plus, they have some really good deals every so often so check in with them. 
  • buybuybaby: There are a lot of baby stores online but I recommend these guys quite a bit because they have a lot of selection and they have a price match guarantee which comes in really handy when you are shopping for big ticket items like strollers. 

Once you decide on a big ticket item, check the price against these stores too. They will *sometimes* have a promotion on that's unique just to them. 

Most major stores carry furniture so if you find a crib, glider, changing table, etc. that you really want, be sure to cross check it against Amazon, Target, Sears, Khol's, Nordstroms, Walmart, etc. to see if they have a better price. That said, here are a couple of places where I love me some baby stuff:

  • Ikea: I love Ikea for baby furniture. Babies aren't babies for very long so if you're looking to stretch the budget a bit, this is a great place to shop. You also don't have to limit yourself to 'baby furniture' – a great set of drawers with a changing pad on top makes a great change table.
  • Land of Nod: These guys make gorgeous stuff and it ain't cheap. That said, if you invest in a storage unit or a book shelf that lasts your child until they go off to college, that isn't a bad cost-per-use. Their teepees are also HUGELY popular and I see them pinned all over the place on Pinterest.
  • Pottery Barn Kids: Again, beautiful stuff that can get pricey. It's all fairly timeless though and I bought a quilt and an Everywhere Chair for my son when he was born and they are still in his room 10 years later.
  • Wayfair: A couple of readers said they had great success with these guys. Certainly worth checking out.

If you’re really lucky you have a relative or friend who previously had a baby born at the same time of year, in the same climate, who is not planning to have any more kids. You will hit the clothing hand-me-down jackpot! But if not, you have some clothes shopping to do. There are TONS of places to buy baby clothes, but here are my tried and true picks.

  • Old Navy: Similar to above, the staples are great and the prices during sales are fantastic, but the clothes wear out pretty quickly. This isn’t as much of an issue when your 2 month-old is just sleeping all day.
  • GAP: Again, great staples. More pricey than Old Navy, slightly better quality. And the styles are SO cute.
  • Target: Great prices on their Circo stuff and you can get a lot for a little money during sales.
  • Carter’s: This is a super popular baby store and the quality of the clothes is great. I especially love the animals on the bum and their fleece PJs. Don’t shop there without a coupon!
  • Gymboree: Gymboree actually owns several kid clothing stores, including Crazy 8 and Janie & Jack. I find all their clothes to wear really well after repeated washings, plus they are very stylish.
  • Children’s Place: Really cute and good quality clothes and they often have good sales and coupons, too.
  • Hanna Anderson: I get really excited when I get Hanna hand-me-downs because you can barely tell another kid ever wore the thing. The quality is fantastic, but the price point is a bit high. Be sure to hit the sales.
  • Mini Boden: These clothes make me drool, they are so gorgeous. The prices are high and so are the styles.Online Clothing Consignment: Not everyone is lucky enough to have a kids’ consignment store where they live but there are now tons of options to re-sell your baby’s gently worn clothes online and shop for more!
  • Check out both schoola and thredup for nice consignment finds as well.


If you are a fellow Canadian, you know the pain of seeing 80% off! Only to find out it doesn't apply to us, or you have to pay $7 billion in shipping and customs. Here are the online resources that are within Canada and have nice selection AND will even ship to us. Snack on that with a Timbit and maternity leave!

  • Baby Cheapskate: Once you know what you’re looking for, this site is great for keeping an eye out for deals. It’s particularly great for sniffing out great diaper deals (no pun intended there).
  • CamelCamelCamel: Amazon price tracker that includes price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. It’s especially nice to see historic lows for large ticket items like strollers so you know that you’re paying a decent price.
  • Zulily: Zulily is great for those random items that you want but can wait to track down. The site daily offers incredible discounts on specific brands of clothing, toys, and gear, but you never know when a brand or sale will pop up. It usually takes a few weeks for the item to be delivered and you often can’t return it. But if you have the patience and the confidence, you can find some great deals her.
  • Steals: I find these guys consistently have good deals on baby stuff. They have a deal a day, plus, a good archive to dig around in for good finds.


Know of a great place to shop?

Feel free to let me know if there's an online resource out there that you really love! Email me with the subject line 'shopping guide'.

Where do you find all the gear you need when you're having a baby? Full listing of great stores to find maternity clothes, underwear, swimwear, etc. Plus, resources for newborn clothes, nursery furniture and baby deals.